Auto Immune Diseases

Rheumatoid Arthritis   |   Lupus   |   Fibromyalgia   |   Chronic Fatigue

Many battle with autoimmune diseases and feel like they have no control about personal wellness and health. My job is to teach you to not only live with the disease but also find ways to feel better and take control of your life. You are not your disease.

Most patients with autoimmune diseases suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain leads to increased risk of weight gain, depression, heart disease, and many more physical and emotional symptoms. I will work with you to help you learn how to improve the quality of your life, boost your energy levels, morale, and self esteem because, through diet and exercise, you will learn that you, too, have control over your body. I will work with you to create an individualized fitness program while analyzing your nutritional deficiencies and excesses. Exercise and diet are crucial for those battling autoimmune deficient diseases.

I work with my clients to not only give them lifestyle alternatives but answer questions regarding supplements and their effectiveness. Together, we will find a suitable exercise and diet program that you enjoy to help you improve strength and stamina while preventing muscle loss, bone loss and weight gain.

I will teach you to eat healthy, showing you the best foods to build up your immune system and body. It’s imperative to begin an anti-inflammatory diet. I will teach you to balance your diet primarily using foods – not supplements – a diet that includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains. All the diet changes we make will incorporate your favorite flavors.

Regular exercise is crucial to healthy living. But many who suffer from autoimmune deficiency problems are in constant pain. I will work to teach you the best way to incorporate activity in your every day life. The exercises I give you will be geared toward your limitations and contraindications of your disease. Together we will find a suitable exercise program – one you can do and enjoy. I understand there will be days that you feel worse than others. Those days I have appropriate exercises to keep you active while alleviating the pain.