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The Best Gifts for the Holidays from NYC Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer

‘Tis the season – of endless shopping lines and driving through icy sludge, traffic and wandering around the aisles wondering what to buy. Though many get caught up in the buzz of holidays, others end up feeling frustrated, tired, and, well, pretty cranky. The pressure, economic and time, can make holidays a highly stressful time […]

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9 Tips to a Healthy Holiday Season from NYC Registered Dietitian

It’s here. No matter what you celebrate, or don’t celebrate, the holidays come. They bring loads of activities, noise (sounding Grinchy here, I know), and expectation. Lines at the grocery store are longer. Traffic is more intense. And I haven’t even touched on meeting up with family, in-laws and more. (And it’s been an election […]

5 Tips to Improve Your Body Self Esteem from NYC Registered Dietitian

Yesterday, November 13, was World Kindness Day. This month memes abound about gratitude. Kindness and gratitude are two things we can never over-indulge in. That said, I know so many people who forget to be kind to themselves, to be grateful for the bodies they have. In a world that pushes unrealistic body image ideals […]

Best Food and Exercise Ideas to Help Manage Stress from NYC Registered Dietitian

Election years have become times of increasing stress … for everyone. Stress, it appears, is uniquely bi-partisan. The American Psychological Association (APA) conducted the 2016 Stress in America Survey to determine how elections play a role in people’s level of stress. And, no surprise, elections play a big role in people’s levels of stress.  Regardless of […]


7 Tips to Progress Your Fitness Program from NYC Registered Personal Trainer

“I go to the gym all the time, and nothing happens.” This complaint isn’t uncommon for personal trainers to hear from clients. Going to the gym a few times each week to do the elliptical or ride a bike is a great way to keep active. The gym can be a great way to disconnect. […]


5 Reasons to Celebrate Walk to School Day

Today is Walk to School Day, something most of our grandparents would laugh about. A friend’s grandma, for instance, grew up in North Dakota. She remembers she and her sister would hold onto their little brother’s hands so he wouldn’t get lost in the snow drifts during winter. The girls wore tights and dresses, walking […]


8 Nutrition Tips for Vegetarians or Want-to-be Vegetarians from Registered NYC Dietitian

Not too long ago, vegetarianism was considered a radical choice. We’ve all had family members – mostly grandmothers and great grandmothers – who balked at the idea of becoming vegetarian. Some of my clients have shared how defensive others get when they mention they’re a vegetarian, as if their food choices were a challenge to […]


8 Easy-to-Follow Tips to Increase Your Fruit and Vegetable Consumption:

When I create an individualized meal plan for my clients, oftentimes they’re shocked, and intimidated, by how many fruits and vegetables they should be eating. Most Americans eat way less than what’s recommended. In general, the American diet includes too many processed foods and too few fruits and vegetables. But going from zero to at […]