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Citrus Foods Boost Immunity

NYC Online Nutrition and Dietitian Counseling Services

We are living in a very weird time, and so much of that strangeness comes with the uncertainty of what’s next. And, I don’t doubt this will be something all of us will remember the rest of our lives. COVID-19 has affected everybody one way or another. Though we’re flooded with images of people buying […]

5 Tips from NYC Registered Dietitian on How to Put Yourself First

The tiredness and fatigue are real. We’re stretched to the limits every day between work and family, social obligations and social work, and the pressure of trying to fit everything from exercise and PTA meetings to political rallies and Girl Scout cookie sales in a 24-hour time slot. March 8 is International Women’s Day, a […]

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8 Tips to Train Clients with Kindness and Get Results from NYC Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer

Last week I discussed how kindness should be an essential part of any fitness and nutrition program. Though the old school of personal trainers and dietitians are more akin to Terrence Fletcher in Whiplash than Danny O’Shea in Little Giants, kindness doesn’t mean not doing our job. We must be able to help clients reach goals and get results.   So, how […]

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How Kindness Should be an Integral Part of Training and Nutrition from NYC Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer

I know. It doesn’t feel like it. With a landslide of anger and negativity (yes, it’s an election year and we’ve ONLY just begun); with TV shows that make millions from the ugliest sides of humanity feeding off envy, vanity, competitiveness, and ire; there’s this overwhelming feeling of discontent … everywhere. Enter social media. A […]


Tips to Effective, and Safe, Weight Training from NYC Registered Personal Trainer

I’ve discussed mindfulness a lot over the last couple of years. Being aware of what’s on our plate, who we’re sharing a meal with, how we’re progressing our fitness programs, and how to cut through the noise of every day to find spaces to simply be. Mindfulness, too, is essential for safe weight training, and […]

Body Fat Basics from NYC Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer

It’s the New Year, and we’re two weeks into resolution territory. Many people have declared war on their pantries and, sadly, their bodies. As much as I love the idea of making healthier food and lifestyle choices, I hate the extremism of the language and messaging of a billion-dollar diet industry that perpetuates the message […]


A Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is two days away! And if you’re anything like many people I know, you’ve got a list of things to do and limited time and money to do them. Don’t panic! Really. Don’t panic. Here’s my official NYC registered dietitian and personal trainer guide to last-minute holiday shopping.  Give time. Hiking, ice skating, going […]

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4 Ways to Keep Your Immune System Strong During the Holidays

It’s the most “germiful” time of the year. It always seems somebody is sick during the holidays. And, it’s no wonder. Poor nutrition, lack of sleep, and stress – be it about time, finances, family – the holidays are a magnet for germs. And with all of the aforementioned problems, our immune systems take a […]