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Get in the Mood for Love with These Recommended Meals from New York City Registered Dietitian

Today the States will be painted in love. Lots of people are cynics about it.  But I kind of think that in a world with headlines dedicated to sorrow, war, and corruption, it’s a nice change of pace to celebrate love. It might do us good to do it more often. That said, for the […]

Mary Jane Detroyer

NYC Registered Personal Trainer Gives the Best Reason NOT to Exercise

Many of us read the NYT article about The Biggest Loser “six years later” tracking the weight of the contestants and discovering that the majority of them gained at least 85% of lost weight back. America watched them work the pounds off, celebrated their new bodies, and off-camera, those pounds, over the years, went back on. […]

6 Resolutions to Get in a Healthy Frame of Mind

  We’re ending January with probably the most positive resolution: Resolve not to resolve to lose weight. During the New Year, most people focus on change and make resolutions. It’s a natural time to reflect on our lives, our goals, our futures. But what happens when we tie those resolutions to a random BMI number? […]

NYC Exercise

Fall in Love With Exercise (Really) with 8 Tips from New York City Dietitian and Personal Trainer

  In our month of resolutions, this might be the most radical: getting exercise-phobes to love … exercise. Exercise, just the mention of it, has become many people’s great nemesis. There are many funny memes and supposedly inspirational quotes that float around the internet about it: Exercise in the morning … before your brain figures […]

NYC Dietitian

2018 Health Trends and Resolutions for the New Year from New York City Dietitian and Personal Trainer

Last week I discussed falling in love with food, tradition, and how each bite we take feeds our bodies, allowing them to do amazing things. It’s not necessarily what we eat that makes us unhealthy, but how we eat and view food. This week, I want to discuss something that I wish would trend: love […]

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2018 Health Resolutions from NYC Registered Dietitian

What comes to mind when you read: chocolate cake, cheesecake, thick slabs of bread with garlic butter, baklava, fettuccini, and paella? Somewhere along the line, Americans forgot how to love food. Everything decadent comes with a price tag and/or punishment (hours at the gym, days without anything sweet or fatty, weeks of juice cleanses and […]

Simplify the Holidays with These Favorite Gift Ideas from NYC Personal Trainer and Dietitian

What do you give someone who has everything? There are only so many bottles of creams or cute mugs a person can have. And, honestly, so many of the things we give end up cluttering cupboards and, eventually, being handed down to someone else. I’m not Grinching here. I’m being real. So, I’ve decided to […]


A Pear A Day … Celebrate National Pear Month with NYC Registered Dietitian

The pear has always taken second seat to the celebrated apple. Luckily, December is National Pear Month (yes, this is a thing), and people are becoming pear aware. Okay. All kidding aside, I really do want to take a moment to celebrate the often overlooked pear, its nutrition qualities, the varieties that exist, and the […]