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6 Tips to Keep the Men in Your Life Healthy From New York Registered Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

Last week, we talked about our favorite dads. This week, I want to continue discussing men’s health. June is Men’s Health Month, a month to help all of us understand the health challenges men face and how, through education and lifestyle changes, we can bring those fatality numbers down. Though more males are born than […]

Father's Day

Healthy Ways to Celebrate Dads from NYC Registered Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

Tie cards, coasters, and hand-printed t-shirts are favorite gift choices for Father’s Day. It’s hard to find the just right gift to bottle up the love we feel in our hearts! According to a study from The Guardian, 90% of men don’t wear ties to work (though those cards are cute), and according to the […]


7 Exercise and Nutrition Tips to Battle Stress and Depression

Stress is a normal part of everyday life. But when stress levels go through the roof, many moms can experience anxiety and depression. Some call it Mommy burnout. Some say it’s just a “phase”. But the reality is many moms, many parents, experience clinical depression and anxiety. My first recommendation is to consult with your […]

healthy snack

7 Tips to Eat for Energy from NYC Registered Dietitian

In our month of celebrating moms, I want to address something we all feel: tired. I remember talking to one client who said, after her child turned two, she sat and cried for an hour because of constantly being tired. She’d felt like she hit a wall. She wondered when the tired would go away. […]


7 Postpartum Exercise Tips from NYC Registered Personal Trainer

40 weeks of pregnancy, childbirth, and what women’s bodies go through during this time is nothing short of phenomenal. I ask many clients to count how many doctor’s visits they had during their pregnancy. Some as many as twenty or more (including visits to nutritionists, the pediatrician of choice etc.), depending on whether they had […]

Mom & Baby

6 Postpartum Nutrition Tips from New York City Registered Dietitian

In May, we’re celebrating a month of motherhood, everything from pre-natal and post-partum care, to mindful eating and energizing foods. Yes, that last one is pretty popular.  As Dayna M. Kurtz says, “Millions of mothers are born each year.” Nature shifts its focus, always, to the baby, which makes sense. But with this shift comes […]


4 Nutrition Myths Busted by NYC Registered Dietitian

As we tackled exercise and stretching myths last week, this week, it’s time to take a look at all that nutrition lore that drives our decision-making when it comes to shopping. The health industry is a billion-dollar business – everything from protein shakes to the magical properties of kale. Many of my clients are aghast […]

push ups

New York City Personal Trainer Tackles 6 Exercise Myths That Just Won’t Let Go

Everybody’s an expert. We all have Google, right? Simply googling ‘best exercises for abs’ gives over 21,000,000 results. It’s safe to bet not all of them are reputable.  We all love our mythology, and letting go of ideas that have seemingly been etched in our brains is hard to do. Alas, in a month of […]