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push ups

New York City Personal Trainer Tackles 6 Exercise Myths That Just Won’t Let Go

Everybody’s an expert. We all have Google, right? Simply googling ‘best exercises for abs’ gives over 21,000,000 results. It’s safe to bet not all of them are reputable.  We all love our mythology, and letting go of ideas that have seemingly been etched in our brains is hard to do. Alas, in a month of […]

Celebrate Food

Diet Fads that Drive Nutritionists Mad

This decade it’s all about getting in touch with our inner caveman – the Paleo. If a caveman didn’t eat it, neither should you. (Goodbye breads, pastas, grains and sugars!).  We’re just going gathering and hunting now.  Last decade it was all about the South Beach diet. What will be next? People love diets. They’re […]

prenatal exercise

New York City Registered Personal Trainer Debunks Exercise and Pregnancy Myths

“All aerobic exercise is out.” “Stretching is dangerous.” “If you don’t usually exercise, don’t start while you’re pregnant.” “The only real reason to exercise while pregnant is to help lose baby weight.” Basically, for the next 40 weeks, you’re a petri dish and should eat a lot, take vitamins, and stay still … very very […]

Easter eggs

New York City Dietitian Discusses Whether an Egg is all It’s Cracked Up to Be

Yes. I’m sure you groaned. As this topic lends itself to an eggstraordinary amount of cliché! That said, all yolking aside … okay. I’m done. For real. The nutritional wallop we get in a small egg is nothing to cluck at. I can’t stop myself! This week, millions of people celebrate Seder, with traditional meals […]


Turn Back the Clock on Aging with These Tips from NYC Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer

  Young is the new black. With technology and implants and Botox and more, who needs to grow old? We’ve got a multi-billion dollar anti-aging industry that is trying to convince us “aging with grace” is a thing of the past. And they’re doing a pretty great job of it. But what if I were […]

Water Pitcher

Reduce Your Risk of Colorectal Cancer with Diet and Exercise

Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in the United States, and the second leading cause of death from cancer. But it’s something we don’t hear a lot about. March was designated Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month in order to educate, bring awareness, and inform about risk factors and ways to prevent colorectal cancer. Though […]


New York City Nutritionist Celebrates International Women’s Day and #PressforProgress

March 8 is International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate and recognize the achievements of women around the world. And as much as we might feel it’s a two-step forward, one-step back shimmy, collectively we can all work to bridge the gender parity gap which, the UN estimates, is about 200 years from happening around […]

Bowl of Fruit

NYC Registered Dietitian Recommends Stop Counting Calories, Start Eating What Counts

The simple weight-loss formula since weight-loss became a thing has been cutting calories. It makes sense. Eat less = weigh less. But we’ve learned that the complexity of the body is never so simple, and by cutting back on calories we’re giving our metabolisms a hit they might never truly recover from. A new study, […]