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6 Tips to Eat Your Way Through the Holidays Guilt-Free from NYC Registered Dietitian

They’re here! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and then it’s a steep slide into Hanukah, Christmas, New Year, and all the days that happen in-between: office holiday parties, end-of-the-year encounters, cookie swaps, neighborhood caroling and more. And most people’s holiday family recipes don’t include raw carrots and hummus dip. Here are some easy-to-follow holiday eating tips. 1. […]


How Gratitude Can Improve Your Exercise and Eating Habits from New York Dietitian

It’s November. Gratitude is trending. Which can feel like the kale craze without the bitter aftertaste. It can also feel a bit … forced. I’m not being cynical. But I think it’s important to be real. Some days are simply … hard. And searching for that silver-lining is maddening. Also, some days, it’s just fine […]


8 Tips to a Healthy, Happy Halloween from NYC Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer

Halloween is fun. It’s a time of fantasy and possibility. Its traditions go back thousands of years, and there’s no denying the magic in a holiday where everybody finds their inner child! There is a way to indulge in Halloween without slipping down the sugar rush slide. Really! Whether you’re trick-or-treating or hosting a Halloween […]


Nutrition and Exercise Tips for Better Bone Health from NYC Registered Dietitian

Osteoporosis is called “the bone thief.” It’s a condition that causes the bones in the body to become weak and fragile, which, in turn, puts people at risk for fractures and breaks. These breaks and fractures can cause long-term disability and even be life-threatening. There are many myths about osteoporosis. The most common ones I […]

Kid Menu

New York Registered Dietitian Warns Against the Kids Menu Choices

The kid menu at restaurants is often the first page opened when families go out to dinner. It makes sense. They’re “complete” meals with drinks, an entrée, and oftentimes even a dessert. Portion size is right. There’s less waste. And they’re always “kid friendly.” But what does “kid friendly” mean? Usually, kid menu options have […]

family meal

How Family Meals Improve Mental and Physical Health from New York Dietitian

Every day of the calendar year there’s a holiday. You can celebrate National Pancake Day (September 26), National Cherry Day (July 16), even National Tater Tot Day (February 2). A little “ew” on that last one. Anyway, many are about publicity – selling products. Others are about bringing awareness to a problem, a need. National […]

NYC fitness trainer

7 Tips on How to Get Comfortable, and Maximize Your Workout, Going to the Gym from NYC Registered Personal Trainer

Okay. Fair enough. That was worth a big fat groan. The reality is, though, that many people, including my clients, cringe at the thought of going to the gym. And I don’t blame them. When I say “gym,” the first thing that comes to mind to many is perfectly fit women and men in lycra, […]


Delicious, Nutritious Back-to-School Lunch and Snack Ideas from New York Nutritionist

Generations change. We went from baby boomers to gen X, gen Y, millennials, and now … this new so-far-unnamed generation going through primary, middle, and high school. Ideals change. The way we work changes. Technology changes. But there’s something steadfast through all of it: that good old lunch box smell – fermented something with milk-gone-funky, […]