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6 Tips from NYC Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer to Reduce Chances of Developing Colorectal Cancer

March is colorectal cancer awareness month. Awareness is key to prevention. Unlike many other cancers, colorectal cancer is mostly preventable, all based on a healthy diet and lifestyle and early detection through screening. That said, it is also potentially fatal. Oftentimes detection of colorectal cancer comes too late to treat or cure. Considering it’s the […]

International Women's Day

NYC Registered Dietitian Celebrates Women’s Day and #BalanceforBetter

Celebrate you! This year’s International Women’s Day theme is #Balanceforbetter – “Better the balance, better the world.” I love this theme because it translates to so many relevant and necessary issues for women. Not only does it refer to balance in the workplace, the gender pay gap, and political representation, but I also believe it […]

National Eating Disorder Awareness

Build Compassion and Shed Shame to Recover from Disordered Eating from NYC Registered Dietitian

  The last week of February is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (NEDA), a week to promote body acceptance: Come as You Are. As easy as Hollywood wants it to look, building true body acceptance takes a lot more than a revelatory moment or big kiss.  The reality is that recovering from disordered eating is […]

Mom & Baby

4 Postpartum Nutrition and Exercise Tips From New York Registered Dietitian

“What a cruel scheme to keep a woman from knowing her power. To put the focus on what pregnancy did to her body rather than focus on what her perfect body just did. Here we sit, creating and nourishing the future, and we are diminished to “baby weight.” I will not succumb to your demeaning […]


New York City Registered Personal Trainer and Dietitian Recommends You Take a Break

Busy is the new black. The ability to raise a family, keep down a 60 hour/week job, volunteer at your kids’ school, train for a Tough Mudder while planting and maintaining the neighborhood’s organic garden, making sure to post every moment on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter is a badge of honor.  A friend of mine […]


6 Problems with Dieting from New York Registered Dietitian

Love has always been, and will continue to be, one of life’s great mysteries. For thousands of years, poets, authors, philosophers, musicians, even jingle, bumper sticker and billboard writers have attempted to define love. (Or at least come up with something insightful or catchy for it!) And since February has a day designated to celebrate […]


5 Tips for Caregivers to Carve Out Time to Exercise from New York Personal Trainer

  So often, I focus my blogs on expecting and new moms and parents , or those who struggle to find balance between exercise and  work, study or any number of things. Today, though, I want to focus on caregivers. According to the National Institute on Aging at the NIH, approximately 15 million Americans provide […]

Health Resolutions Anyone Can Stick to from NYC Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer

Now, this might sound a little bit gimmicky, but I assure you, this is a resolution anyone can stick to. Are you ready for it? Don’t make resolutions. Ahhh … that was too easy. And it might seem like I’m cheating, but I’m not. Resolutions tend to be lofty, dreamy, rarely grounded. Soon, this idea […]