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Personal Trainer NYC Tip of the Month

“Stop slouching.” “Sit up straight.” Growing up to our grandmothers, mothers and aunts harping about bad posture, we thought it was about drinking tea nicely and being “a lady.” Certainly part of it was that. But, on a much deeper level, they were right. Sit up straight. Stand straight. Walk tall. Good posture is good […]

Science and Nutrition, New Studies Bring Back Fats

There are absolutely no absolutes. (Except for trans fats – they’re absolutely bad). It seems as if there are waves of nutritional trends, and the pendulum has swung from no-fat diets and cholesterol fear to putting sugar on the hot seat. Nutrition, like any science, isn’t static. As science gets better with studies and our […]

A Registered Dietitian Takes a Close Look at What’s in your Glass

Got Milk-Substitute? That ad campaign hasn’t really caught on. The Healthy Eating Plate, created by Harvard’s School of Public Health, is a response to the USDA’s MyPlate. The big difference in the Harvard diet is that there is a conspicuous absence of dairy products. The cow has lost its protagonism. Hemp, oat, almond, coconut, soy, […]

Nutritionist NYC September Health Tip

  Lower your blood pressure and risk of stroke. Prevent bone loss. Make your blood vessels function better. You can do all this by increasing one element in your diet. Right now you are seeing dollar signs and wondering how much this magic pill will cost. It’s a lot less expensive, and easier, than you […]

Satisfy Your Child’s Sweet Tooth With These Healthy Alternatives

  Kids love sweets. Human beings love sweets. In fact, we can blame our ancestors and evolution for our innate sweet tooth tendencies, as evolutionary biologist and Harvard University professor Daniel Lieberman writes in The Story of the Human Body: Evolution, Health, and Disease: “Sugar is a deep, deep ancient craving.” Here’s a great NPR […]

Tackling the “Weight” Discussion with Children from a Registered Dietitian’s POV

Our children are inundated, daily, with images, videos, and clips of photoshopped “perfect bodies.”  The messages they receive  about what bodies are the “right” bodies are loud and clear. But then we walk into a supermarket, and behold  the bright colored sugary treats, right at eye level, all within reach. Add commercials touting every packaged […]

Seven Nutrition Tips for Vegetarians

The second week of September is Vegetarian Awareness Week, and today I want to touch on some challenges vegetarians face. I’ve had people share with me that others seem to feel defensive when they tell them they are vegetarians. It’s almost as if vegetarianism is a challenge, whether it’s put out to be or not. […]

NYC Dietitian Talks about Brain Power

School started this past couple of weeks, and parents are scrambling to get kids out of bed, dressed, and fed before heading out the door with over-stuffed backpacks and sleep in their eyes. With so much on our plate, we often forget to focus on what’s on our plate. Place your two fists together, with […]