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The Four Pillars of an Effective Senior Fitness Program

As I said last week, being fit at any age is important, but as a senior, it holds even more significance as it can mean the difference between independent living and assisted living. Not only is fitness great for your body, but exercise and fitness routines help improve your mind, your mood … even your […]

4 Myths about Fitness, Mobility, and Being a Senior

  When I say fitness, oftentimes people automatically click into an image of what we see on magazine covers: bikini bodies, abs, marathons and muscles. Certainly, that’s one part of fitness, albeit a very tiny shard of what fitness really is. Essentially, fitness is independence. That sounds odd. If you’re a healthy person who doesn’t […]

4 More Tips to Keep the Weight Off

When we start to shift our focus from losing weight to becoming healthy, understand our food and eating triggers and get the professional support we need, we’re on the road to maintaining a healthy weight. I want to leave you with four more tips to help you keep the weight off. Health isn’t about the […]

Tips to Healthy Weight Maintenance

Last week, I discussed health problems related to yo-yo dieting. Not only does weight cycling bang our bodies up, so, too, does it bang up our self esteem. There are, arguably, more emotional downs with a yo-yo diet than physical repercussions. The key to health is maintenance – keeping the weight off. The American Journal […]

NYC Dietitian Discusses 3 Health Problems for Yo-Yo Dieters

In the New Year, many begin new regimens, diets, weight-loss programs, and exercise programs. Many of these New Year plans include intense exercise and extreme calorie restrictions. Results are quick, but, as I discussed before, we can get ensnared in a resolution trap, and our bodies and health end up paying a heavy price. Wanting […]

Registered Dietitian Deciphers Food Label Language

As we receive more information about our  food products, there’s a tendency for consumers to pay more attention to what we’re buying and putting in our bodies. This goes back  to eating clean – being aware of where our foods are grown, with what, and how they are brought to our grocery stores and, eventually, […]

Personal Trainer Recommends You Walk Away From Bad Habits

  It’s the New Year! And it’s a great time to think cardio. I can feel the collective groan when I write, “cardio.” Most imagine high-profile athletes that sweat iridescent sports drinks – whose faces don’t turn a blotchy strange color when they exercise. Or crowded gyms, cross-fit trainers yelling, and that really uncomfortable feeling […]

NYC Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer 5 Tips to Avoid the Resolution Pitfall

When we mark time, whether it be on a birthday or the end of the year, it’s natural to reflect on what we’ve done, what we wished we’d have done, and what we’d like to do differently. The New Year naturally brings out these desires to make changes. And with the market ready to dig […]