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NYC Dietitian and Personal Trainer’s Holiday Wish List

  So much of our holidays are spent in a time suck of what to give, stuck in long lines at the mall and the stores. Stuff gets bought. Stuff gets worn or played with or never taken out of the box. Stuff gets shoved in the back of the closet and forgotten. Eventually stuff […]

Ten Nutritionist Tips to Keep Flavor High, Sodium Low in Your Holiday Feasts

Our favorite holiday foods and snacks often are jam-packed with sodium. This adds taste, but it also can burden your body. The body needs sodium and water … a balance … to work right. But too much salt causes the body to retain water, which gives our hearts and blood vessels more work. This, in […]

12 NYC Personal Trainer Tips to Stay Active in Winter

With the holidays upon us and winter’s bite, it’s hard to find the time and place to be active during the winter months. Most of my clients live in small apartments. Many of us can’t afford a gym membership. Finding ways to keep our bodies moving in these cold, uninspiring months can be complicated. But […]

NYC Nutrition and Mindful Eating

“When walking, walk. When eating, eat.” (Zen Proverb) This week many Americans will gather with family, sit at a dinner table, and give thanks. There’s something extraordinary about a holiday that has a sharing meal with family and friends as its centerpiece. What once used to be part of our culture – family meals – […]

NYC Dietitian Invites You to Indulge in the Fall Harvest of Winter Squash

As a registered dietitian, I always try to teach my clients the importance of including in-season fruits and vegetables in our diets. By doing so, we offer our bodies a variety of flavors and nutrients that they need, stay within our budgets, and help the environment. My pick of in-season vegetables this month is winter […]

NYC Nutrition: Eight Tips For Eating Your Way Through the Holidays

We’re on the brink of the holidays, soon to tumble into a landmine of high-fat, high-sugar, high-calorie foods. And regardless of what you may or may not celebrate, this time of year is filled with office parties, family dinners, church brunches, filled snack bowls, candy bowls, and cookie swaps. And as some are enjoying and […]

NYC Nutrition

  November is American Diabetes Month and with all the talk about blood sugar and high quantities of sugar in our diets, glucose is on our minds. As a dietitian, I work with many patients who live with diabetes, and one of my number one recommendations for diabetics is to increase their fiber intake. Before, […]

NYC Dietitian Offers Six Tips to Replace Frankenstein Foods

To celebrate Halloween, I started thinking about foods in disguise – foods that dress like foods but are hiding a whole bunch of Frankenstein elements behind them to keep them looking  and tasting like food. Many of us take things at face value, pick them off the shelf and put them into our carts. But […]