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Registered Dietitian Gives Tips to a Healthier Pantry

Time to clean out the pantry and think Mediterranean!  What’s the hoopla about those olive-oil, wine-drinking, cheese-eating skinny people over there? It’s simply not fair. Haven’t they heard about fat-free products? Don’t they know that they’re walking cholesterol bombs? The Mediterranean Diet has been touted by registered dietitians, nutritionists and physicians as one of the […]

Personal Trainers and Nutritionists in NYC Promote National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

I have to go to the gym every day and do a hard workout for it to count. I have to lose 10 pounds in the next month to get into my bathing suit. No pain, no gain. Being hungry is a part of every diet. I just have to get used to it. I […]

Registered Personal Trainers Battle Osteoporosis

May is all about the women in our lives – from May Day to Mother’s Day. More importantly, though, in May we celebrate National Women’s Health Week from May 10 – 16. Established by the US Department of Health and Human Services in 1991, National Women’s Health Week hopes to promote, educate, inform, and create […]

Dietitian Spring Cleans After Long NYC Winter

“The world is mud-lucious and puddle wonderful.” (ee cummings) Finally it’s arrived after a very long, very cold, very bitter winter. Spring is about new beginnings, new life. This month on the blog we’re going on a spring cleaning binge, sweeping away old behaviors with some new ones. We’ll be brushing off dusty old ideas […]

Registered Dietitian Sets The Clock on Eating Habits

The other day, this cartoon was posted and liked and reposted all over the net. And as much as registered nutritionists agree that a healthy breakfast is critical to kick start your day and get your metabolism geared up, it reinforces this idea we have that late night eating causes weight gain. I’ve heard clients […]

Personal Trainer Debunks the Bulk Up Myth About Women and Lifting: Women Should Do Strength Training and Weight Lifting For Better Health

There’s been a longstanding rule that women should be careful not to lift if they don’t want to bulk up and end up looking like The Hulk.  It’s as if we’ve had this equation burned into our subconscious: lifting = muscle mass = bulk = Hulk (minus the green hue). Personal trainers can talk until […]

Make a Personal Trainer Cringe Today: The Lingering Stretching Myths That Just Won’t Go Away

Lean down. Grab your ankles. Wait. Hold it. Now repeat. Does this sound familiar? It’s the sustained stretch that will insure you won’t get sore or injured during a warm up. It has been a mainstay of many exercise routines and rituals. Limber limbs equals safety.  Wait for it. Here it comes. There you got […]

Registered Nutritionists Take Soy off Women’s Black List: Introduce Soy Back into Your Diet With These Simple Steps

As it seems to happen with almost everything, nutrition advice and news aren’t exempt from scandal, innuendo, and misinformation. For years, without the scientific backing, scientists and researchers were convinced soy consumption helped prevent breast cancer, taking their conclusions from the fact that women in Japan, China, and Singapore, where soy is a diet staple, […]