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Seven Nutrition Tips for Vegetarians

The second week of September is Vegetarian Awareness Week, and today I want to touch on some challenges vegetarians face. I’ve had people share with me that others seem to feel defensive when they tell them they are vegetarians. It’s almost as if vegetarianism is a challenge, whether it’s put out to be or not. […]

NYC Dietitian Talks about Brain Power

School started this past couple of weeks, and parents are scrambling to get kids out of bed, dressed, and fed before heading out the door with over-stuffed backpacks and sleep in their eyes. With so much on our plate, we often forget to focus on what’s on our plate. Place your two fists together, with […]

Dietitians Celebrate Homegrown Health in National Farmer’s Market Week

During the 1930s, in the middle of the Great Depression, two farmers from Southern California came up with an idea. They wanted to create a meeting place where local farmers could sell their fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy products. So a dozen or so farmers parked on the corner of 3rd and Fairfax and sold […]

Registered Dietitian NYC Works with New Moms

Preparing for your baby’s arrival is overwhelming. On TV, it’s portrayed as a fairytale of picking out special blankets, too-cute clothes, baby showers, and big welcomes. On the other extreme, parents-to-be might be struggling with finances, job stress, and not knowing how a new person will fit into the picture. Most of us fall somewhere […]

Personal Trainer NYC Finds Activity Everywhere for Long Summer Days

About thirty years ago, summer meant leaving the house after breakfast and returning when our parents hollered our names for lunch and/or dinner. It meant riding bikes, roller skating, going home for a pit stop to refuel, then back out to catch bees in jars. Activity was an integral part of summer. A free summer […]

Certified Dietitian NYC Tackles the Chicken Dilemma

Summertime: brittle hair, sunscreen, and skin so dry it feels almost reptilian; when the last call is after ten o’clock and our kids oftentimes come in from outside and crash in their clothes. There’s nothing better! Those are memories we make; unfortunately, sometimes they are interrupted by vomiting, diarrhea, cramps, chills, and the icks from […]

Nutritionist NYC Time-Saving Kitchen Tips for Healthy Cooking

We live lightning-fast lives – constantly connected, constantly working, selfie-ing, sharing,  tweeting, liking, commenting and more. According to Neilsen’s Total Audience Report adult Americans spent an average of eleven hours each day plugged in – watching TV, on the computer, chatting on our smart phones, or listening to music. The New Age has become an age […]

Safe Grilling Tips from Registered Nutritionist

Summers are synonymous with ice-cold watermelon, berry pies, and the smell of meat, chicken or fish cooking on the barbecue. And with the 4th of July right around the corner, we’re gearing up to grill.  Many Americans, though, don’t realize that the types of foods we grill, and how we grill them can cause cancer.  […]