Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from my first nutrition appointment?

Not every body is the same. Not everyone’s nutritional and diet needs are the same. Our first nutrition appointment is to determine what your expectations are as a client and how we, as a personal trainer and registered dietitian, can help you meet those needs.

The primary purpose of the first appointment is to assess your nutritional status and lifestyle habits. Before we meet, I will provide you with several forms to fill out. These forms will help me better understand your nutrition, exercise, and diet habits.

We will go over your current and past medical history, current medications and supplements, weight history, exercise history, food likes and dislikes, possible food allergies/ sensitivities, meal and snacking patterns, meal content and what you wish to accomplish by working with us. We will review your daily food records and food frequency list to estimate your caloric intake and assess the macro and micro nutrient balance of your diet.

What will happen during my first training appointment?

Don’t fret! Being a NYC certified personal trainer and working to build confidence and physical fitness in my clients is one of the favorite parts of my job. (And I promise not to bring a stop-watch!

Though we won’t be working out during the first meeting, I need you to come in your exercise clothes. I’ll take an exercise history and a medical history and determine any risk factors that could interfere with your ability to safely participate in an exercise program. I assess posture, flexibility, and strength. I measure waist, hip, chest, arm and leg circumferences, body fat, lean mass, total body water and resting metabolic rate. This is so I can determine where to begin in an individualized training program. Each client of mine is different, so this first session is to assess your needs. We will also discuss business policies and you will be asked to sign some business forms.

Read detailed description of personal training services here.

How many follow-up, personal training/nutrition appointments will I need?

Every client’s needs and goals are different. How many personal training, nutrition, or health consultation appointments you need depend on the reason for your visit, the complexity of your symptoms or medical diagnosis, the level of nutrition and exercise knowledge you possess, and how well you apply the new knowledge learned. As your dietitian and nutritionist, it’s our job to work with you to determine how many appointments you need. For instance someone wishing to lose weight will need more appointments than someone coming to discuss supplement use. Some clients go through processes that need constant adjusting and professional support.

Aren’t personal trainers only for pro athletes and movie stars? Why should I hire a personal trainer if I’m not interested in extreme fitness or sports?

No, not at all! Many people who join gyms and start fitness programs are quickly discouraged because they don’t feel like they’re achieving the physical results they want. Others feel intimidated and have no idea where to begin. Sound familiar?

Personal trainers are definitely not only for the rich and famous! I am a certified personal trainer and work with men and women of all fitness levels from the pro athlete to the beginner. I will develop cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, and fitness programs individualized to your health needs and goals. My job as a personal trainer is to motivate you, correct your form and revamp your program along the way so you continue to progress and achieve your goals whether you want to lose body fat, build muscle and strength or increase cardiovascular fitness. I also work with clients with special health concerns like back problems, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, joint problems and pre-post natal modifications. As a personal trainer, my favorite clients are “regular people” who want to learn how to live a better, healthier life.

How do I choose a personal trainer?

Anyone can call themselves a personal trainer but not everyone can perform the important functions of a trainer. You want to choose a personal trainer with an educational background in fitness that holds a certification from a well-respected fitness organization like The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), American Council on Exercise (ACE), The National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) or The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). Here are some questions you might want to ask before deciding on a personal trainer:

  • What is your exercise and educational background?
  • Are you certified by a nationally recognized organization?
  • Are you a member of any of the aforementioned professional associations?
  • Are you certified in CPR and first aid?
  • Can you provide me with client references?
  • How do you work with clients with goal setting?
  • How do you chart progress?
  • Do you require a physician’s release form? Will you update my medical history?
  • How much do you charge per session? What are your billing and cancellation policies?[/showhide]

Will I be really sore working with a personal trainer?

With a new exercise and fitness program, a little bit of muscle soreness is more than normal. How sore you get, though, depends on your fitness level, your goals and how quickly you want to achieve them. It depends on how hard you want to exercise. A good personal trainer will discuss all of these factors with you and determine an appropriate program based on the type of exercise, frequency, duration and intensity. If you have concerns about intense exercise, getting injured or muscle soreness you should discuss these topics with the trainer before committing to working with him/her.

Do you work with people with special needs?

My clients include men and women of all ages, from 25 to 73 years of age. I work with people who have diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, lupus and other autoimmune diseases, eating disorders, pre-post natal, pre-post bariatric surgery and all types of musculoskeletal problems. I also work with people who are looking to improve their energy levels, appearance, strength, and quality of life while preventing unnecessary aging.

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