Initial Fitness Consultation and Assessment

The first fitness consultation before actual training begins is extremely important. During the initial consultation, we will discuss your medical history, physical activity history, and current health status. Though we’re not going to “train” during the initial consultation, I will assess your fitness level – cardiovascular, muscular, and flexibility. I also observe posture and look for muscle imbalances or weakness. Our first session together is very important because everything we discuss, including your personal fitness goals and exercise preferences, are incorporated with my assessment to create your fitness program.

Most people stick with a new exercise and fitness program when they are provided with feedback on their progress. To track your progress, I will measure your body composition, which includes percent of body fat, fat free mass and total body water. I’ll also measure your resting metabolic rate, your blood pressure and your resting heart rate. I can also measure body fat using calipers (with your approval) and circumferences. I will repeat these measurements at different intervals to track your progress. If blood sugar, A1c or cholesterol controls are goals I will track those numbers as well. We will discuss your long-term goals as well as determine short-term goals. Lastly, we will discuss what I expect of you and what you can expect of me while we work together including my billing and cancellation policies.

It is important to have a good relationship in which we feel comfortable discussing your training goals and my training techniques. Communication is the key to a successful client/personal fitness trainer relationship. You will have plenty of time throughout the appointment to ask any questions. The initial consultation can last up to 3 hours.