In 2012 one hundred eight million people in the United States were on a diet. Dieting and weight loss is a $20 billion dollar industry in the United States! One of the reasons the diet industry is so successful is that people go on a diet, set a goal weight and never plan for maintenance once they reach their goal. Then they slowly return to their pre-diet eating because the diet was too restrictive. The result is they regain all the weight they lost, sometimes even more, and they go on another diet! Most dieters typically go on a diet four or five times a year. Another reason many people don’t succeed with changing their eating behavior is because they use food for other reasons than satiating physiological hunger. Both of these factors are barriers to successful long term weight loss.

Successful long term weight loss comes from focusing on behavior change not just the number on the scale! You will set weekly goals working toward a long term goal, record your daily food intake, activity levels and barriers to meeting your goals. Together we will create strategies to break down those barriers so you can attain your long term goal. And we will create a strategy for maintaining your new healthy weight.

Exercise is an integral part of losing weight. It provides motivation and creates an environment that supports success. Cardio-vascular exercise burns calories and elevates metabolism for several hours depending on the intensity of the exercise. Weight training will increase muscle and thus increase your metabolism around the clock….even when you are sleeping. The two are essential for permanent weight loss. This does not mean you have to be in a gym several hours a day seven days a week. We will guide you through the process and show you how to change your exercise program as your fitness level increases and the weight comes off.